Tenancy For Laravel

Build Your SaaS Program

A two-month program to assist you with building your SaaS.

Note: this is not just “Tenancy consulting” — we provide help with much more.

The program will help you in every way possible with successfully getting your multi-tenant SaaS done and deployed.


Consulting is included in two forms:

We’ll have up to 5 hours of consulting calls initially, to help you plan out your app, architecture, and — most importantly — the Tenancy implementation.

During the entire program, you’ll have direct access to me in the form of chat support for Tenancy-related questions. This is meant to help you quickly resolve any questions, confusing issues, or bugs related to making your app multi-tenant.

We’ll create a project on our company Basecamp and invite your entire team, so that any Tenancy issues can be easily dealt with.

At the end, we’ll have up to another 5 hours of consulting calls to help you prepare everything for deployment and launch.

Note: If there are any Tenancy-related issues that we can't resolve by chat, we can have a free consulting call during the program as well. As a rule, we'll always try to solve everything by chat (in our experience, we can fix 99% of issues that way very quickly), but if there's anything that cannot be resolved by chat, we'll always be available for live calls during the entire program.


Note: This part of the service is only relevant for companies using Livewire. If that’s not you, feel free to skip this section. We’re including it because our extensive experience with Livewire (especially from building Lean Admin and its surrounding ecosystem) is something that has been useful to past clients.

If you’re using Livewire, we can help you with correctly designing (in the back-end sense) and structuring your components.

Livewire is known for being extremely productive for simple components, but as your app grows, it can become harder to maintain due to poor cross-component communication and large “God components”.

There are many ways to solve those issues, and many are covered in our Livewire Component Design book. You’ll get the book for free.

If you’ll be hiring developers (something we’ve done in the past), we can also provide:


We’ll set up proper CI & CD workflows for you.

In other words: tooling that will ensure code quality (and passing tests) during development; and well-configured deployments.

It’s recommended that you use:

Quality Assurance / Code Quality

We have a lot of experience with writing (and refactoring to) clean code.

We’ve published Laravel Clean Code Tactics version 1, and are currently working on version 2 (standard book format).

Many of our clients also worked with us to improve their code. And we have some current clients who pay us for code reviews.

What we’ll do for you:


We’ll assist you with deploying your SaaS. This is something many companies struggle with because there’s a lot to get right.

Ideally, we recommend using Ploi.io due to the integrations they built specifically for our package. But other platforms will work too, depending on your application setup — most importantly tenant identification.

If your app isn’t live yet, we can set up a fresh repo with the SaaS boilerplate, properly configure it on Ploi, set up deployment workflows and then your code can be migrated there.

Using the SaaS boilerplate isn’t required, of course, it’s just something that works well for many clients. If you have an existing codebase and don’t want to use the SaaS boilerplate, we can set it up in a similar way. The main benefit of using the SaaS boilerplate is that you get already built implementations of:

Pre-made UI components

If you’re using Tailwind CSS, we can provide you with a free copy of Razor UI. It’s a bundle similar to Tailwind UI, but with a slightly different (and more unique) style.

And if you’re using Blade or Livewire, we can provide you with the Blade-specific bundle: Blade UI. It comes with pre-made semantic Blade components.

Applications that don’t use Blade can use the Application UI bundle similarly to how Tailwind UI is used.

Help with hiring

Last year, we launched our platform for hiring developers — StackJobs.dev.

It’s specifically focused on "high-signal hiring", i.e. developers create very specific profiles listing their skills and only get notified about matching jobs (though they can be contacted by recruiters with Developer Directory access if their profile is public).

You’ll get:


Along with all of the above, the program includes:

Razor UI. Either frontend-agnostic Application UI, or Blade Application UI for applications that use Blade or Livewire.

Laravel Clean Code Tactics: our e-book on writing clean Laravel code (version 1, plus early access to version 2 that we’re working on right now).

Livewire Component Design: our e-book on designing secure and performant Livewire components.

SaaS boilerplate (normally $379 for the Enterprise license). Testimonial, just from this month: “You saved me hours of development with that boilerplate, and could easily have charged $1000 for it.

SaaS boilerplate deployment service (normally $129)

Sponsor-only docs for an unlimited number of developers ($30/developer for 2 months normally).

Unlimited job postings on StackJobs (~$200/each job posting for 2 months normally).

Developer Directory Access: over 800 filled out developer profiles on StackJobs. Normally ~$300/seat for 2 months.

Internal guides (refactoring to actions, TDD, straightforward regex, internal TODO system, … Not accessible outside of this program).

Help with hiring developers — We don’t offer this service anymore outside of this program.


From consulting calls and an internal SaaS boilerplate customer survey:

Thanks a lot for your help with this, that paid call proved invaluable for us and saved countless hours of head scratching
We have been using it for a few months now with great success and ease of use.
You saved me hours of development with that boilerplate, and could easily have charged $1000 for it.
I like the simplicity, clean code, billing logic and domain management. It's a good starting point to build app using boilerplate or following boilerplate architecture.
Polished product, no need to fill in gaps or repair bugs. TALL Stack.
It's rather a complete package, and it seems to be still growing, which is nice. A great kick-start for the project I'll be doing in Q4 ;)
Keep up the great work! This is a very helpful tool that is saving me countless hours of development time. I find your product to be far more helpful than Laravel Spark.
It’s very complete for a boilerplate, we can start any application with it!
The majority of the code I’d [have] to write myself was already done for me and in the same manner I would have done it.
It makes a great example for how to setup tenancy in a real application.
Tenancy for Laravel has helped us immensely with delivering great products in a record low time.


The cost of the program is $3997.

The duration of consulting is 2 months. During this period, we'll provide chat support for any Tenancy-related things.

At the start and end of the program, we'll have up to 5 hours of consulting calls.

And we can have unlimited calls during the entire program for any issues that can't be solved by chat. In other words: we'll do everything we can to resolve any Tenancy-related issues you may encounter.

All of the bonuses mentioned above will be available immediately, at the start of the program.

Note: We're offering this program around the time of Tenancy v4 development. So you will be able to influence v4, e.g. in the form of features that would make sense for your app. We cannot guarantee that this program will be available after v4 is released, as our team will almost fully transition to working on Lean Admin.

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