Tenancy For Laravel

SaaS Boilerplate Deployment Service

How it works

We'll deploy the SaaS boilerplate for you on Ploi.io — the recommended hosting platform for apps that use Tenancy.

You will get a GitHub repository that's connected to a Ploi site. The Ploi site will have fully configured tenant databases, tenant domains (including second-level domain HTTPS certificates). The tenant onboarding workflow will function the same way as in the video on our website.

Common questions

What you'll do

  1. Upload the boilerplate to a fresh GitHub repository
  2. Create a Cloudflare site
  3. Give us access to your Ploi account (or add us to a team if you're on a premium plan)
  4. Fill out a short form with some keys and tokens that we'll need

Required time: less than 10 minutes.

We have detailed guides for all of those steps, so you won't have to spend any time in docs or trying to get stuff to work.

What we'll do

  1. We'll create a site on your Ploi server for the domain you provide
  2. We'll set up the boilerplate on the site
  3. We'll configure your DNS records
  4. If you're using Nova: we'll configure composer to use your license key
  5. We'll configure the database to work with Tenancy
  6. We'll configure nginx to work with tenant domains and subdomains
  7. We'll set up the tenant creation flow
  8. We'll configure HTTPS certificates for your domain and tenant subdomains

End result: Fully deployed and configured SaaS boilerplate, with working TLS certificates, tenant database creation, and Cashier integration.

What it costs

What happens after payment

You will be redirected to a page with detailed step-by-step guides for the few things you need to set up (again, only takes about ~10 minutes).

The page also includes a link to a form. There, you'll provide us with the necessary details for setting up the boilerplate. Most importantly:

We have a video guide even for this step — filling out the form.

After you fill out the form, we'll have all the details we need to set up the boilerplate on your Ploi server.

Money back guarantee

As mentioned above, on working days we'll typically be able to get this done within 24 hours. Sometimes that might be 2 hours if that's during the work day and one of our developers is available, other times it may be the next working day.

If we can't get it done within two working days, you can ask for a refund and we'll issue it with no questions asked. Simply send an email to samuel@archte.ch and I'll take care of the refund myself.

The only exception here would be things outside of our control, such as HTTPS certificates. Let's Encrypt sometimes temporarily rate-limits a domain when there have been too many attempts at creating a certificate (e.g. due to something going wrong at Ploi, or your team requesting certificates prior to us working on this). In that case, we'd set everything else up, and follow up with you to get the certificates set up after Let's Encrypt allows it (usually a few days at most).

Purchase ($129)